Funeral Arrangements


For information purposes , to all brn. who are intending to be at the funeral of PM Jack Smart on tuesday 29th sept , we will be forming a guard of honour on the driveway leading to the entrance of Dunfermline crematorium , can I ask if you wish to take part can I ask you to arrive by 10.15 so we can make the arrangements and observe social distancing , thanks brn. stay safe keep well , see you tuesday . PM Jim Stewart .

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Light at the end of the tunnel.

With the rollout of the vaccine reaching more and more of the population, it is hoped that some kind of normality will return to the lodge in the latter part of the year. In the meantime stay safe.

Social Events

Tonight would have been our annual cheese and wine night, however because of the continued lockdown it will take place later on in the year or even early next. STAY SAFE Hugh.