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It is the successor to Football Manager 2010. It was released on 28 September 2012 in Europe, on 29 September 2012 in the UK, and on 30 September 2012 in the United States. Gameplay The game features a "new age" interface that includes a 3D presentation of the pitch, all the players and managers, and a new playing environment that allows players to "run" the manager's game from a real-time view from inside the dugouts. The full list of interface features are listed below. The game has ten playable leagues, including two non-European leagues. It also has a 'Dream Team' feature, which allows players to create their own team. Seasons can be single-seeded or multi-seeded. The player can also pick the age of the players, the manager's nationality, and the club's stadium. They can also choose whether to play the pre-season, or just the league season. Reception The game received "favorable" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Mark Andrews of Rock, Paper, Shotgun noted how in-depth the game's simulation aspect is, highlighting it as the "MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE" for the game. He found the 3D match engine to be "a feature I think everyone who buys the game will enjoy", but also added the game "should also be commended for it's accessibility" due to its "very readable" interface. He finished his review by saying "If you're looking for a Football Manager, Football Manager 2013 is the game for you." Mark Geraghty of PC Gamer UK found the game "very satisfying" and "very smart" but thought it was a disappointment that it lacked the replayability of older versions. He later went on to praise its new playability, the 3D pitch graphics and the inclusion of the Dream Team mode. Awards Notes References External links Category:2012 video games Category:Association football management video games Category:Sports Interactive games Category:Windows games Category:Windows-only games Category:Sega video games Category:Video game sequels Category:Video games developed in the United Kingdom Category:Video games set in the 2010s Category:Video games set in 2012 Category:Video games set in England Category:Video games set in Germany Category:Video games set in France Category:Video



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